Why Fancy Baby Monitors Aren't Needed for Healthy Babies

Today's high-end baby monitors do far more than just show video of a little one — some offer to measure babies' vital signs, including their breathing and heart rate, and let parents track all this info on their smartphones. But these monitors may not have any medical benefits, new research suggests.

There is currently no evidence that such monitors are accurate, the researchers said.Moreover, using these devices may lead to false alarms about babies'  health and safety that do not actually mean that there is something is going wrong, the researchers said.

For their report, the researchers examined the features of five infant monitors that had been introduced over the past two years and had accompanying smartphone apps. The researchers also looked at online information about these monitors on the manufacturers' websites. The five monitors named in the report were the MonBaby, Baby Vida, Owlet, Snuza Pico and Sproutling, whose cost ranged from $150 to $300. [7 Baby Myths Debunked]

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