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Latest News on Child Health

Medicaid Matters for Kids: Ella’s Story
Aug 01, 2022

We were honored to have Ella join us for Family Advocacy Day in 2022. Through this event, Ella and her family discussed her health journey, and why Medicaid Matters in her healthcare. When Ella was two years old, she was diagnosed with a stage 4, high-risk neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a solid...

Medicaid Matters for Kids: Anthony’s Story
Jul 25, 2022

We were honored to have Anthony join us for Family Advocacy Week in 2022. Through this event, Anthony and his family discussed his health journey, and why Medicaid Matters in his healthcare. At 18 months, Anthony had around 10 words in his vocabulary, but others just weren’t coming. His mother,...

Top Issues in Children’s Health


Medicaid covers millions of children across the U.S., providing them with the coverage and services they need to become healthy and productive adults. A strong Medicaid program is an important investment for children and the country.

Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health

There is urgent need to address the behavioral health needs of children through pediatric settings, partnerships with schools and community-based organizations and advocacy for more supportive public policies.