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Latest News on Child Health

Spina Bifida: Carter's Story
Jan 07, 2020

About 120,000 babies are affected by birth defects each year in the United States. Not only can birth defects lead to lifelong challenges and disabilities, they are also the most common cause of death in infants and the second most common cause of death in children aged 1 to 4...

Former Cincinnati Children's Hospital patient returns as doctor
Dec 16, 2019

At 12 years old, after a few weeks of being sick, Julie learned she had liver failure and seven days to live. She underwent a liver transplant, two angioplasties, and four organ rejections at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center on her journey to a full recovery. Fortunately, Julie now has...

Top Issues in Children’s Health

ACE Kids Act

The Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act (ACE Kids Act) is a federal law that aims to improve how care is deliver to America's children with complex medical conditions on Medicaid.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

CHIP provides free or low-cost health coverage to more than eight million children in families that earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid.