Mental health services for children an unmet need

A well known saying goes like this: “A good way to measure the greatness of a nation is to see how it treats its’ most vulnerable citizen.” So, in America, what group of citizens do you believe is most vulnerable? Most people usually pick either the elderly, or children. That is, the two extreme ends of our human lifespan, the old and the young, are considered to be the most fragile, at risk, or vulnerable populations.

Now, let’s answer a second question. Which group, the elderly or the young, receive the most money for health care? The answer — the elderly, and by a huge proportion (some estimate the ratio is $10 dollars/each senior citizen, versus $1 dollar/for each child.)

Next is the third and final question. In the category of children, which subgroup is the most vulnerable? The answer is that United States Citizens under the age of 10 (children) who also have a brain-based disease (this is called mental or psychiatric illness).

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