Meet Lela: 2017 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero

Lela was just 6-weeks old when her mother noticed Lela’s eye didn’t look right when at a certain moment a ray of light caught Lela’s eye. They were immediately referred to St. Jude Research Hospital where she was diagnosed with an advanced case of the eye cancer retinoblastoma. Lela was 8-weeks old when her left eye was removed and she was treated for two tumors in her right eye. Before Lela was diagnosed, her parents thought of cancer as an “older person's disease.”

rsz_st_jude_childrens_research_hospital_moody_lela.jpg“We now know that so many children are impacted by not only Retinoblastoma but other cancers as well,” said Lela’s mother, Mandy.

Now 5 years old, Lela is described as very smart. She consistently creates new games for her and her siblings to play. Lela’s imagination often leads her to invent conversations among her toys, often taking place over several rooms through several characters. She loves drawing, coloring, dancing and playing with her brother and sister. Never one to sit still, Lela loves riding her scooter and climbing and jumping off of whatever stationary object she can find. She is very active and is most happy when she is moving around.

“As she gets older and soon leaves the era of this cancer behind, we would like for her life to represent hope,” explained Mandy. “She may have lost an eye, but she gained so much vision for herself and for our world.”

Help us welcome Lela to Washington, D.C.!

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