Meet Javi: 2019 Family Advocacy Day Champion

Meet Javi is participating at 2019 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day from June 25-26 in Washington, D.C. During the event, Javi will share information about her health journey and the importance of children’s health care with members of Congress. Below is her story.

Javi is a proud Husky at the University of Washington and she loves going to work at REI! If you saw Javi walking around campus today, you might never know that she has spent over 600 days in various hospitals.

Now 21, Javi was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and high-functioning autism at the age of 14. Even though Javi thought that she would be in inpatient mental health facilities for the rest of her life, she persisted thanks to her supportive family and the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The one-on-one attention with providers helped Javi feel like she mattered and gave her confidence they always had her best interests at heart. Javi learned to control her diagnosis at Seattle Children’s—her experience would have been much more difficult in an adult hospital. Facing her condition at an adult facility would have been more intimidating for Javi and her family, especially for her 10-year-old sister who loved to visit Seattle Children’s hospital.

For Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month, Javi wants her peers to know that everyone is going through their own journey and mental illness looks and feels different for each person. Therapy might work for one group of kids, but not for others. Regardless of the treatment, though, she shares that overcoming mental health issues takes a lot of internal work and perseverance.  

Javi knows that her battle is just a small part of her story, and she continues to work hard every day to not let it be her whole book.

Join us in welcoming Javi to 2019 Family Advocacy Day!

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