Meet Isabelle: 2022 Family Advocacy Day Champion

Isabelle is participating in Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day from June 12-14. Through this event, Isabelle and her family will discuss her health journey, Blank Children’s Hospital’s role in providing her with necessary health care services, and why the public and our elected officials must invest in the future of patients like Isabelle.

As 12-year-old Isabelle was experiencing the growing pains of middle school, her mother, Alicia, noticed a change in her daughter’s behavior.

“Isabelle has always been an empathetic person and responds to the emotions of others around her,” says Alicia. “But we were concerned as Isabelle’s emotions were now becoming heightened.”

Blank Children’s Hospital is where Isabelle received her primary care prior to her diagnosis, and they helped her family put a plan in place and know how to best meet her needs. Isabelle was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. She started taking anxiety medication and going to monthly outpatient and telehealth therapy.

“Isabelle’s diagnosis was made well before the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Alicia. “Yes, the pandemic heightened this for many kids already experiencing mental health issues,” Alicia added. "We did everything we could to continue to engage her with peers and family throughout [the pandemic].” Isabelle's mood is now stable, and she’s doing great. She enjoys dance, music, biking and reading.

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