Medicaid Matters for Kids Month -- Trenton's Story

Trenton1.JPGThroughout the month of March, Speak Now for Kids is celebrating Medicaid Matters for Kids Month with posts highlighting the importance of Medicaid in children’s access to health care.

Today’s post was written by Trenton’s mother, Andrea. This is an extra special one as today is Trenton’s 6th birthday.

I had to quit my job when my third child, Trenton, was born with a congenital heart defect and Down syndrome. The choice to become a full-time mom and medical advocate for me son was obvious, yet the financial impact to our family was big. With my loss of income - even with my husband working full time - we struggled to pay for health insurance. Due to our financial struggles, CHIP became vital in assuring that all three of my children’s medical needs were taken care of.

Trenton2.jpgWhen Trenton had open heart surgery in 2009 at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh our family knew his medical care was taken care of and we were able to concentrate on the important part: getting our son healthy. Thanks to the hospital, Trenton’s care was outstanding and CHIP helped to make his medical bills manageable. We did not face bankruptcy as so many families do.

Because routine care, dental visits, and specialty services such as eye glasses, hearing aids, orthopedic braces, and therapy were covered our family was not forced into debt by high copays and premiums. This was essential for our financial stability and peace of mind throughout the years of medical struggles. As a mom, the most important thing for me is to make sure that my children get the best care and help that they can to grow up healthy and happy.

It is vital that Congress understands that the lack of good coverage for our children is at-risk if they do not extend funding for CHIP. We need to make sure that families are not faced with this burden.


With your help, Congress can extend federal funding for CHIP and ensure eligible children remain enrolled in affordable health coverage. Ask your U.S. senators and representatives to extend CHIP as soon as possible!


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Fabulous work Andrea and such a tribute to your children.