Medicaid Matters for Kids Month -- Osvaldo's Story

Throughout the month of March, Speak Now for Kids is celebrating Medicaid Matters for Kids Month with posts highlighting the importance of Medicaid in children’s access to health care.

Osvaldo.pic.2.jpgWe first met Osvaldo, then a smart, creative 7-year-old, during the 2013 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day. At 10 months old Osvaldo was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, a severe form of cerebral palsy that affects muscles in his core and in all four limbs.

Due to this type of cerebral palsy, Osvaldo requires daily oral medication and receives Botox injections twice a year to relax his muscles. After surgery in 2010 to stretch his muscles and correct his tibia bone, Osvaldo was referred to the HSC Pediatric Center for physical and occupational therapy. Medicaid has covered all of Osvaldo’s medical consultations with his specialist, as well as his regular checkups and equipment such as his yearly leg braces.

Today, Osvaldo has been walking independently both at home and in his classroom. Described by his mother as “very persistent,” he enjoys the adaptive sports and activities offered through the Topsoccer program and HSC Pediatrics Center’s Kids in Action.

Once enacted, the ACE Kids Act will allow health care providers to form care networks that cross state lines to assure children are able to visit the right provider at the right time, regardless of where the child lives or where the provider works. Ask your U.S. Senators and Representative to cosponsor the ACE Kids Act now.


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