Family Advocacy Day Hero -- Meet Kaylin P.

Kaylin P., Age 19  Kaylin P.ver.3.jpeg
Hometown: Methuen, MA
Hospital: Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Kaylin was born with lymphatic malformation cystic hygroma, a disorder which causes fluid buildup in the lymphatic system and results in cysts on the neck and face. Nineteen-year-old Kaylin has already undergone more than 100 surgeries at Boston Children’s Hospital, including jaw reconstruction, tongue reduction surgery, laser treatments, eye surgery, tracheotomy and sclerotherapy. 

Without the help of all the amazing and talented pediatric specialists at the children’s hospital, Kaylin would not be here today. Being enrolled in MassHealth — the state Medicaid program — has made it possible for Kaylin’s family to access this life-saving care.

When she was born, it was widely believed that children like Kaylin would never talk, eat, walk, breathe, or do anything on their own. With the help of her health care providers, Kaylin proved everyone wrong. She attended schools with her peers and is now a freshman at Middlesex Community College, working for a nursing degree. Although Kaylin has this disorder, this disorder does not rule her. She lives a normal life with family and friends.

Fact: The two million sickest children on Medicaid account for only six percent of enrollees but 40 percent of costs.

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