Family Advocacy Day Hero -- Meet Faith H.

Faith H., Age 7FaithH.JPG
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Hospital: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

Doctors didn't expect Faith to survive delivery but she was stronger than they thought. She had her first open heart surgery at 6 months of age to repair a congenital heart defect known as ventricular septal defect

Another heart surgery, at age 2, repaired a cleft mitral valve. When her older brother Ayden was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease known as Leigh’s Disease, Faith was tested and confirmed to have the same disorder. Complications of Leigh’s have resulted in many long stays for Faith in the pediatric intensive care unit. In 2010, septic shock sent her into cardiac arrest for seven minutes while in the hospital fighting a urinary tract infection.

Despite challenges, Faith is a very happy little girl who loves her big brother. She has a lot of friends who come to play with her. Even though she is nonverbal, Faith responds by smiling if she wants something or frowning if she doesn’t. Faith and Ayden have a full summer planned, including playing in a local baseball league and vacationing in Florida. Faith is also hoping to find a horse therapy center where she can ride on horses with a helper just like her big brother.


Fact: The two million sickest children on Medicaid account for only six percent of enrollees but 40 percent of costs.

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