Behavioral Health for Kids and Teens

Meet Kate. She is an outgoing girl who loves lots of activities. She receives care for her anxiety, sensory integration disorder, and ADHD from Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Pediatric Mental Health Institute after experiencing suicidal thoughts. With the proper medical care and support from her family, Kate was able to move towards recovery and find strength. Learn more about her story.

Prior to the pandemic, kids just like Kate were experiencing serious mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges. The pandemic has made this crisis worse. Children’s hospitals are treating an alarming number of children and teens in severe crisis, with emergency departments seeing increases in suicidal ideation and self-harm.  Through September of 2021, mental health visits to children’s hospitals emergency rooms were nearly 50% higher than 5 years ago. Similarly, cases of suicide and self-injury cases for children 5-18 years tripled in the same 5 year period. Source: Analysis of Children’s Hospital Association PHIS database, n=38 children’s hospitals.

Our kids and teens face a mental health crisis. We must act.

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