2016 Speak Now For Kids Family Advoacy Day Hero: Colin

rsz_hsc_pediatric_center_russell_colin_photo2.jpgAt age three, Colin was diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder and developmental delay. He has endured everything from allergy testing, developmental screenings and EKGs to neuro-psych evaluations, sleep studies and assistive technology assessments. At first, Colin was unable to verbally communicate, which led to his extreme frustration and self-injurious behaviors. Through the years, Colin has received speech and occupational therapy services at The HSC Pediatric Center which have miraculously allowed Colin to express himself and overcome his self-injurious behaviors. Additionally, his vocabulary and articulation have improved significantly. Colin is now learning ways to fine tune his conversation skills with the assistance of a communication device.

Although they have health insurance, Colin’s family has faced numerous obstacles to get Colin the care and treatment he needs. Children’s hospitals, such as The HSC Pediatric Center, have helped Colin’s parents to navigate the broader health care system and access tools and resources to improve Colin’s quality of life. Furthermore, the exceptional care provided by children’s hospitals has given Colin the ability to learn and grow as well as work towards an inclusive and productive future.

Now 7-years-old, Colin is the youngest of three siblings. He loves to color, sing and dance. Although it took Colin almost five years to say “I love you,” he now says it daily and almost always has a smile on his face!

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