Will's Story

For Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Speak Now for Kids chatted with Lynn, Will’s mother, to learn about Will and his health journey at Mt. Washington Pediatric Center.

When she was 21 weeks pregnant, Lynne went in for a routine ultrasound. Experts noticed her son’s pinky was small. After a follow-up test, it was determined that her baby, Will, had Down syndrome—or Trisomy 21.

“The first 24 hours were rough,” says Lynne. “We relied on Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital for the first few weeks of his life. They provided a nurturing environment for us during this stressful period.”

Now 5 years old, Will is doing amazing! He’s currently in kindergarten and loves to sing, dance, play soccer and draw. He is full of energy and enjoys being outside with his brothers.

“He’s a typical toddler,” she says when asked what it’s like being a parent of a child with Down syndrome. “He’s running around everywhere, getting into everything that toddlers get into.”

Like all parents, Lynne wants Will to feel loved and respected and to become anything he wants to be. “Will is the best thing that ever happened to our family. He continues to teach us about unconditional love and the beauty in the world.”

His love for the little things brings joy to everyone around him. A true social butterfly, Will is one of the most popular kids on his block. Will loves interacting with people, but sometimes that can surprise people who don’t know him. In response to that, Lynne encourages her friends and family to educate themselves and raise awareness for Down syndrome.

“Choose to be kind, there’s no reason not to,” she shares. “Will and kids like him deserve to have access to affordable health care. How is Will going to become successful in the future if he isn’t given the right resources today? Our kids need their families and friends to advocate for them. Our kids are our future and we need to invest in them.” 

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