ACE Kids Act improves care and saves money

  • It improves care by allowing states to create pediatric health homes designed to serve children with medical complexity. These special pediatric health homes will provide specific care and care coordination services tailored to the needs of these vulnerable children. States will receive an incentive to participate in this optional delivery system reform.
  • It can save money by expanding access to patient-centered, pediatric focused coordinated care models that have been shown to produce cost savings, improved quality of care, and increased family satisfaction for children with medical complexity. It allows states to tap into a proven model that will lead to budget certainty and savings for a population in which Medicaid costs are shown to be increasing. 
  • This proposal can deliver savings to Medicaid through increased efficiencies, including reducing hospitalizations and emergency room visits, while providing the full array of outpatient and community services and support needed by these children.

 ACE Kids Act fulfills unmet needs

  • The model addresses existing challenges facing these children identified by families and physicians, including the provision and coordination of care across multiple providers and services, and easing access to out-of-state care. The ACE Kids model avoids duplication of services and ensures children access care in a smart way. The model works within the existing structure of a state’s Medicaid program.
  • Greater consistent national data and quality standards is key to improving care for these children, and can’t be gathered under the current state-by-state Medicaid system. Today, collecting consistent data on children with medical complexity can be difficult due to the rare conditions these children face. The ACE Kids Act will create a framework to collect this vital data from across the country, which will drive savings for the entire Medicaid program.
  • Federal legislation is needed because there is no national framework in place for this kind of model for children with medical complexity who have to cross state lines for their care. Data shows that many children with medical complexity must travel to other states to receive care, due to the limited number of experts able to serve unique conditions. ACE Kids creates a national framework to improve data collection and quality of care. It will allow for better coordination for out-of-state care.

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