What's Up Wednesday -- William

#WhatsUpWednesday is our chance to hear from the teens who are involved with the Speak Now for Kids community. This week’s post will focus on William, a patient at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, NE. Even though he’s only is 16, William has already climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and....get this, hugged a koala bear!

So William….what’s up?

Why do I advocate? I advocate because I want to be in charge of my own health needs.

William.jpgPerson I find most inspirational The person I find most inspirational is Ellen DeGeneres. When I first heard her motto—“be kind to one another”—it made me really stop and think that, yes, not everyone is ever going to agree with each other, but if everyone was kind, the world might just be a better place. Whenever I was in the hospital, I would turn on Ellen and watch for hours on end. She would make me feel happy when I was down. She is such an amazing person!

What makes me unique One thing that makes me unique is that despite all of my health problems, I still want to become a firefighter paramedic. Another thing that I believe makes me unique is that I get along with all ages of people; from adults to little children.

What jam gets me up when I’m down When I'm down I listen to Bruno Mars, Post Malone or Logic. I like these singers because  I feel like I can connect with some of the lyrics.

What have I overcome? I have overcome many things including a lot of surgeries, pain and even near death. My health condition is called hypoplastic left heart syndrome with malrotation. My condition means that I have three chambers in my heart instead of four. The malrotation part of my condition means that when I was born all of my organs were twisted up and on the wrong side of my body. My heart is still facing backwards to this day!

What do I want the world to know about my condition? I want the world to know that, yes, my condition has limitations and I have had some very rough times, but my condition will never stop me from achieving my dreams. Because I believe if you put your mind to it and work hard you can do anything.

If I could change the world, I would… Honestly, just make the world a better and safer place for all citizens. People in this world need to treat each other with respect and not hatred. As the saying goes, “treat people as you want to be treated.”

Who, or what, is my biggest supporter? My biggest supporter is probably my whole family.  They have stood by me and fought with me through all of the good and bad times in my life.

What does my children’s hospital mean to me? My children’s hospital is like a family to me. They have taken care of me for my whole life. I could not have asked for better doctors and nurses.

How do I plan to give back to the world? I want to give back to the world by helping people who face emergency situations.

What do I want to be when I grow up? When I grow up I want to be a Firefighter Paramedic. I have wanted to be one ever since I was four. Being a first responder is such an amazing and rewarding job. Just think about it, you are saving lives and helping people every day.

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