What Does Lyme Disease Look Like In A Kid? Here Are The Most Common Symptoms

Every child looks forward to spending their summer days exploring and getting messy outside. Unfortunately, in addition to the need for nightly baths, summer brings a specific set of ailments, including Lyme disease, which can be dangerous if the signs aren't spotted and treated in time. Parents of kids who spend their days romping through grass, wooded areas, or by water should know what Lyme disease looks like in kids, so that they're as prepared as possible.

According to Kids Health, Lyme disease is the leading tick-borne illness. The tiny bugs can transport the disease to humans after feeding on infected animals. Luckily, Huff Post noted that only a small percentage of ticks are infected with the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. So a child's chances of contracting the illness after a bite is rare, even in areas where infected ticks are common.

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