We’ve tried sticker charts, a bigger bed, coddling. Nothing solves our toddler’s sleep troubles.

Q: My newly minted 3-year-old won’t sleep in his bed. We have tried everything. He has also started not wanting to be alone in a room if he’s playing. This seems like separation anxiety, and I’m not sure whether it’s a phase or something we should be working on with him so it doesn’t get worse. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he screams, causing us and the 8-month-old to wake up, too. Sometimes his dad will go sleep in his bed, but most of the time, the screaming won’t stop until he’s in our bed, out of breath and sobbing. The baby messed with his sleep routine, but we have a well-established process again and have started using incentive charts, along with getting him a big-boy bed and making his room more comfortable. Is there anything else we should be doing? Are we coddling him, or should we keep up our routine and tactics and ride it out?

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