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‘Tis the Season to Fund CHIP


“The CHIP Program Is Beloved. Why Is Its Funding in Danger?” New York Times Editorial Board 12/5/2017

While the U.S. Senate has been focused on tax reform, they turned a blind eye toward millions of kids who are at risk of losing their health coverage soon. It’s been more than two months since funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expired.

This winter, many U.S. states will run short on money for continuing health coverage for these low-income children in working families. Senators must not leave kids and their families out in the cold this holiday season!

Celebrating the Importance of the Children’s Health Insurance Program on its 20th Birthday!

The summer months are special to children for many reasons, and this summer is no different. As mercury levels are at their peak, we celebrate the anniversaries of two very important programs that have had a lasting positive impact on millions of children. In July we celebrated the 52nd birthday of Medicaid, and this month we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Medicaid and CHIP combined provide health insurance coverage to over 36 million children in the United States.

CHIP will officially turn the big 2-0 on Saturday, Aug. 5. Since its enactment, CHIP, along with Medicaid, has helped shrink the number of uninsured children by a whopping 68 percent. CHIP’s funding is set to expire in less than two months, and all the progress that has been made may come undone if Congress doesn’t act soon.