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2016 Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero: Grant

rsz_nationwide_childrens_hospital_reed_grant_photo.jpgWhen he was 11-years-old, Grant was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, the most common pediatric type of malignant brain cancer. The medical team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital immediately acted upon Grant’s diagnosis by performing a craniotomy on Grant’s brain tumor just days after they saw Grant for the first time. Unfortunately, Grant developed posterior fossa syndrome following surgery, which left him with severe left-sided weakness as well as the inability to eat, drink and speak. After spending many weeks at the inpatient rehabilitation clinic at Nationwide Children’s, Grant miraculously overcame the detrimental side effects of his brain surgery; he recovered his walking, eating, drinking and talking abilities. Once Grant returned home, he began living a “normal” life and received mostly routine follow-up care. Therefore, Grant and his family were extremely shocked in December 2014 to find out that Grant’s cancer had relapsed. Shortly after receiving the diagnosis, Grant underwent another extensive brain surgery, which was followed by many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.