Stars, Stripes and Sparks: Tips to having a fun and safe Fourth of July

fireworks.jpgFourth of July celebrations often involve cookouts, swimming, parties and parades, all topped off with fireworks!

Firework safety is always important, but it is especially important to keep a close eye on children when lighting fireworks off at home. A few tips to help you have a fun and safe Fourth of July.

Use basic precautions
Keep children at a safe distance; never light fireworks near dry grass or leaves; do not wear loose clothing; make sure fireworks are launched in a direction where they cannot hit anything; and always have a bucket of water close by.

Provide adult supervision
Fireworks should always have adult supervision. It is important to keep a close eye on children when using fireworks so they don’t wander into danger.

Follow age restrictions
Hand held fireworks such as sparklers and roman candles can be extremely dangerous for young children to use. A sparkler burns between 2000-3000 degrees Fahrenheit and most children’s arms are not long enough to keep the spark at a safe distance.

Know what you are purchasing
Read labels and directions. If you purchase a firework without knowing how to use it you could set it off incorrectly and cause severe damage to spectators or surroundings.

Wear eye protection
Eye protection should be worn at all times, even by spectators.

Know what to do in case of injury
If someone is injured, seek medical attention right away. If it is an eye injury, be sure not to rub, rinse or apply pressure to the eyes. Do not take blood-thinning pain medication and do not remove objects that are stuck in the eye.

Be aware of state laws
Fireworks are not legal in all 50 states; in addition, some states have specific restrictions and laws may change from year to year. Find your state specific laws.

Keep all of these tips in mind if you are choosing to light fireworks off at home. We hope everyone has a fun, enjoyable and safe Fourth of July!

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