Slow Drip: Soda Declining on Kids’ Menus

Major American chain restaurants have improved their beverage options for kids over the past eight years, according to a new report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  However, the nonprofit nutrition and food safety watchdog says that chains owe it to families to improve children’s beverage offerings even further.

Of the 50 top restaurant chains CSPI analyzed, 38 had designated children’s menus that included beverages.  Of those, 74 percent included sugary drinks(soda, lemonade, sugar-sweetened juice drinks, and other beverages with added sugars) on their kids’ menus. 65 percent included juice, 69 percent offered low-fat or fat-free milk, 40 percent offered high-fat (whole or 2 percent) milk, and 13 percent offered bottled water or seltzer (with no added sweeteners).

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