Playing New Tunes

Joshua was born with a very rare skeletal dysplasia called Atelosteogenesis III (AO3), a connective tissue disorder which affects the development of bones, cartilage, joints, tissues and tendons.

Josh’s spinal cord was at risk of becoming severed. At 20-months-old, he underwent a life-saving, 12-hour surgery at Nemours Jan_2018_post_Josh__from_Nemours.jpgAlfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware where orthopedic specialists repaired his severe cervical kyphosis—curvature of the neck.  Over the next several years, he underwent multiple surgeries to repair a cleft palate, leg and feet realignment and more recently a spinal fusion to correct his scoliosis. 

Today Josh is living a full life and thriving. “He doesn’t think limits, he just thinks about enjoying life,” says mom, Christa. Josh is involved in Cub Scouts and sings in two choirs.  Through a program called Heavenly Hooves at the McCormick Research Institute, Josh enjoys horseback riding. 

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