Parents, Don't Panic: Amazon Echo, Other Alexa-Enabled Devices Can Answer Questions About Your Kids' Health

If you own the Amazon Echo or any other Alexa-enabled devices, then you can put the feature to good use – and we don't mean ordering pizza! Amazon Echo has been integrated with the KidsMD feature, which will enable parents to quiz it about children's health, among other things.

Thanks to this new skill developed by the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) team at Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) for the Alexa-enabled Amazon devices, parents will be able ask several questions about common symptoms or medical dosages.

KidsMD was launched on April 12 and is the first health care skill for Alexa-enabled devices. The idea behind the software is to allow parents to ask Alexa about their child's health. For example, one can issue the command "Alexa, ask KidsMD about fever" to learn if the symptoms are serious enough to warrant a visit to the doctor.

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