Parent's PDA Might Be Good For Kids' Health: Study

Parents hoping for their child to have better health now have an addition to the collection of things they can do: show more affection to the spouse. New research, published in the Health Psychology journal, shows that when parents openly show their affection for each other while in full view of the kids, the kids are more likely to have better health and more resiliency when family problems arise.

Wayne State University researchers surveyed 80 kids aged 10 to 17 who lived with a parent who was either married or in a long-term relationship, reports Quartz. All of the kids had asthma. The researchers asked the kids to record several information for four days, including: their asthma symptoms; their moods; and what kind of interaction their parents had, writing down notes like "mom and dad kissed today" or "mom and dad fought today."

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