My son, and millions others, need CHIP

My son, Josh, is a wonderful kid — a loving big brother, a member of the school band and a lover of superheroes, like many 10 year old kids. He also has cystic fibrosis, and we cannot afford to keep him alive without the Children’s Healthcare Insurance Program (CHIP). In August he spent two weeks in the hospital at the beginning of the school year fighting a lung infection.

Since federal funding for CHIP expired, I have been overwhelmed emotionally, physically and financially. I have not been able to sleep.

While everyone heads into the holiday season, I feel increasingly desperate. Riddled with anxiety, I can’t seem to wrap my brain around how I can come up with the funds to take care of my son. And I know there are so many parents and families across Missouri who can relate to the helplessness I feel. I can’t stand back while the very program that keeps my boy alive, CHIP, may disappear.

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