Meet William Ri Jin: 2017 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero

William Ri Jin was born in Hohhot, China, with achondroplasia — a form of skeletal dysplasia. Will receives much of his care at two hospitals; locally, he goes to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, and for care related to achondroplasia, Will travels with his family to A.I. Dupont /Nemours in Wilmington, Delaware.

rsz_klein_will2.jpgIn his free time, 7-year-old Will likes to swim, play with his model planes and watch Star Wars movies. If there is one word that describes Will best, it’s “compassionate”. Will is unique because of how he makes the people around him feel — no one can resist his happiness.

When Will grows up, he hopes to become a pilot or an astronaut. Will’s favorite health care provider is his speech therapist, Anna. When they first met, Will was just 3 years old and knew very little English. Now, they have conversations and discuss their upcoming weekend plans. There’s also a prize at the end of visits with Anna, which makes every visit a little better too!

Help us welcome Will to Washington, D.C.!

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