Meet Mya: 2019 Family Advocacy Day Champion

Mya is a kind-hearted, talented 12-year-old from Wyoming. Even though she looks like any ordinary young girl, Mya has been struggling with the intense pain of Crohn’s disease since the age of 10. Crohn’s is an incurable autoimmune disease which causes lesions and inflammation throughout the digestive tract.

Mya receives specialized care at Children’s Hospital of Colorado to improve her symptoms. Her favorite part of treatment is exchanging funny jokes with Dr. Walker. Dr. Walker has been with Mya since her initial diagnosis and always strives to find the best care for her ongoing symptoms and complications.

Being diagnosed at an early age gave Mya a new perspective on life. She began fundraising for Children’s Colorado and became the hospital’s first ambassador from Wyoming. Despite her illness, Mya continues to share videos and speeches about her life on the ranch in Wyoming and overcoming life’s obstacles while pursuing her dreams.

She has withstood and overcome countless acts of badgering and bullying at school. While it can be tempting to withdraw after this kind of treatment, she moved past their cruel acts and kept her eye on her passions and life. She hopes to bring awareness to invisible diseases and inspire students and others around the country to take a stand against bullying.

Join us in welcoming Mya to 2019 Family Advocacy Day!

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