Meet Mekhi: 2021 Family Advocacy Week Champion

Mekhi is participating in Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Week from June 13-18, 2021. Through this event, Mekhi and his family will discuss his health journey, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s role in providing Mekhi with necessary health care services, and why the public and our elected officials must invest in the future of patients like Mekhi.

Mekhi was born in Baltimore at Mercy Medical Center. At birth he was diagnosed with spina bifida, a cleft pallet, frozen joints and underdeveloped lungs. Mekhi also needed cranial alignments to adjust the bones in his skull.

The initial diagnosis was shocking. However, Mekhi’s mother, Melanie, knew a thing or two as she also had spina bifida. Support from Melanie and Mekhi’s great aunt Priscilla was paramount to his well-being. 

After transferring to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, Mekhi underwent several orthopedic surgeries as well as physical, occupational, speech and behavioral health therapies to help with cognitive and physical development.

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is a one-stop specialty hospital,” says Mekhi. “I’m able to receive well-rounded care and access a variety of specialties all in one place.”  

Today, Mekhi is 19 years old and doing well. As an author, he’s published three children’s books and involved in the theater and performing arts, videography and enjoys swimming. Mekhi still visits Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital for physical and occupational therapy, orthodontics, and behavioral health services for anxiety and depression. 

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