Meet Madison: 2017 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero

At just 7 years old, Madison was diagnosed with a pediatric tumor referred to as a craniopharyngioma, and panhypopituitarism. However, that hasn’t stopped her from taking on the responsibility to live her life.

In many ways, she has had to grow up faster than other kids. Her self-care alone is admirable. For example, she doses out more than 50 pills for herself each day. She administers her own growth hormone injections daily. While in Philadelphia for treatment, Madison, unlike many other children, didn’t want to be sedated for her radiation therapy. Instead she chose to lay completely still in the radiation machine each day. Because of this, she waited for the treatments in the 'adult waiting area.' While there, she enjoyed making friends with all of the other adults who were also waiting for their daily radiation treatments, but she didn’t stop there. Madison made friends with the staff of the clinic and the parking garage attendants, as well.

rsz_uh_rainbow_babies___childrens_hospital_begany_madison_low_res.pngMadison’s positive attitude always brings smiles to everyone’s faces. Even when confronted with her diagnosis — which has had detrimental effects on her overall health, including her memory and learning, weight, body shape and appearance — she has acted so grown up. In the past seven years, she has had to face many challenging experiences, but throughout them all, she has chosen to do it while wearing a smile.

Now 14 years old, Madison enjoys art and crafts. She can frequently be found drawing and creating beautiful designs. She enjoys swimming and riding her bike when the weather is nice at home. In addition, she created a ‘Bucket List’ of summer activities that she intends to complete this year. Some of these include camping, hiking and a Cedar Point Amusement Park trip.

Help us welcome Madison to Washington, D.C.!

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