Meet Derell: 2019 Family Advocacy Day Champion

Derell is a charming and funny 9-year-old who loves to dance and draw. When Derell was 7, he had trouble staying focused in school and following all the rules. He was repeatedly disciplined for fidgeting, tapping his pencil and talking out of turn. Even worse, he was starting to show signs of depression because of his struggles at school and with his peers.

His mom, Etta, was frustrated too. She was called into school nearly every day because of Derell’s behavior issues. When Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin opened the Midtown Clinic close to her home, Etta jumped at the chance to take her son there. Derell started seeing a Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin pediatrician, and screenings showed that his challenges with attention and self-regulation were contributing to his problems. The team at the Midtown Clinic was called into action right away.

Derell was offered access to the integrated behavioral health program, where pediatricians and behavioral health providers work together as a team to tailor their care specifically to him. Once he was receiving the right care, Derell’s behavior transformed rapidly. His condition progressed quickly as he learned how to positively cope with challenging situations that occur at home and school.

By the end of second grade, his grades had improved and he was getting along with other kids. Now, as a third grader, Derell is on top of the world! When asked if he has friends at school, Derell grins and says, “yes, plenty.” He also has a favorite subject––math. He’s even thinking about being a school principal someday!

Join us in welcoming Derell to 2019 Family Advocacy Day!

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