Meet Apollo: 2017 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day

Apollo was diagnosed prenatally and born with esophageal atresia — a rare malformation of his esophagus — and tracheomalacia — a very rare and more complicated malformation of his trachea. He spent the first six months of his life in three different Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Many of these days were spent in great pain, critical condition, or sedated and paralyzed. Thanks to the pediatric surgeons and physicians at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Dell Children’s Hospital, Apollo’s trachea was successfully rebuilt and his esophagus was repaired.

rsz_dell_childrens_medical_center_of_central_texas_howell_apollo_v2.pngApollo continues to struggle with chronic diseases related to his condition, and relies heavily on exceptional care and support from Dell Children’s Hospital’s Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC).

“I cannot imagine our lives without CCC,” said Apollo’s mom, Kate. “We simply would not be where we are without Dr. Berhane.”

Today Apollo is happy, eating, walking, wrestling with his brother, and learning to talk. Even though he didn’t experience being outside until he was 6 months old, Apollo is happiest outdoors. With his love of watching trees, picking flowers and splashing in water, we may have a future outdoorsman in the making.

Help us welcome Apollo to Washington, D.C.!

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Apollo is an amazing happy child in spite of going through many many physical challenges. I am thankful beyond words for the support he and his family have received from Medicaid. This child is destined to brighten many people’s lives. Thank you Dell and Cincinnati Children’s hospital, his doctors, surgeons and caring nurses who helped us all through this. Grammy Pat ❤️
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Yes Mighty Apollo and Mighty Familia!