Medicaid Matters for Kids Month -- Kara's Story

Throughout the month of March, Speak Now for Kids is celebrating Medicaid Matters for Kids Month with posts highlighting the importance of Medicaid in children’s access to health care.

kara.jpgWe first met 17-year-old Kara when she attended last year’s Family Advocacy Day with her family. Born by an emergency Caesarian section after her fetal heart rate dropped, she spent the first 2 months of her life in the hospital. During that time, Kara, who was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy, also had to recover from immediate onset of seizures at birth due to an 80 percent blood loss, as well as kidney failure.

Thanks to the expert care received at Children’s Specialized Hospital’s inpatient day care program, Kara enjoys spending time with her sister and the family dog, and is able to attend full-time at a school for children with special needs.

“Tom and I don’t focus our daily lives reminding ourselves that we are caring for a child with complex medical needs. Our love for Kara overshadows that harsh reality,” says Kara’s mother, Linda. “Children like Kara, and families caring for kids like Kara, need the lifeline Medicaid provides to them to have access to medical professionals. That access to care educates and empowers families and is our safety net”

Share you own story about how Medicaid has been an important lifeline to your child’s health care. Visit the Stories About Kids Health Care page today.

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