Medicaid Matters for Kids Mondays: Trevor

Trevor_Baseball_(3).jpgEvery Monday Speak Now for Kids is celebrating Medicaid Matters for Kids Mondays with posts highlighting the importance of Medicaid in children’s access to health care. This week we revisit Trevor who represented Levine Children’s Hospital at the 2015 Speak Now for Kids' Family Advocacy Day.

Trevor is a typical high school sophomore. He loves all sports and plays baseball. He volunteers in his community, likes reading, video games and hanging out with his dog, Howie.

What is not typical about Trevor is that he has endured over 21 surgeries as a result of his spina bifida, most recently a surgery this summer to help straighten a foot. The surgery was a success, but due to spina bifida-related Chiari malformation, Trevor has now developed paralyzed vocal cords and sleeps with a BiPAP machine to help with his sleep apnea.

“Medicaid coverage is important for children like Trevor who see many doctors and therapists and are often in and out of the hospital,” explains Trevor’s dad Dave. “The co-pays alone would be very difficult for our family and Medicaid is a big help as it offsets medical costs so Trevor can get the treatment he needs. ”

Today Trevor is really doing great! He plays accessible baseball and enjoys giving back by advocating for children’s health and volunteering at Levine Children's Hospital.

 You can read Trevor's original 2015 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy biography here


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