Medicaid made the American dream possible for me. It should be there for all who need help

America needs a robust Medicaid program. I say that both as a physician who takes care of patients on Medicaid and as a man whose dream was made possible because of it.

My family’s story is the American story. My ancestors were from the state of Gujarat in India, and my parents were born and raised in East Africa before immigrating to the United States. My brilliant mother had only a seventh-grade education because my grandfather couldn’t afford to send her to school. My college-educated father worked his way up in the U.S. from busboy to waiter to taxi driver and eventually to mortgage underwriter. Though he always worked hard, he was often unemployed.

My older brother, Anmol, and I were born in the United States. Because of a congenital defect, my brother’s kidneys failed in infancy and he needed a kidney transplant before his first birthday. Complications from this illness caused a stroke on Christmas Eve before Anmol’s second birthday that left him blind, epileptic, and intellectually disabled.

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