Laundry Detergent 'Pods' May Risk Children's Health; Experts Warn Against Dangerous Chemicals

It seems innocent enough, but certain types of laundry detergent may be put children's health at risk. New research published in Pediatrics found that detergent, particularly laundry pods, is more dangerous for kids than other types of laundry and dishwasher detergent.

Researchers sifted through more than 62,000 calls made to poison control centers in the U.S. from January 2013 through December 2014; each was related to laundry and dishwasher detergent exposure in children aged 6 and younger. They found that 60 percent of all the calls were made regarding children's exposure to detergent pods, small gel packets containing a single load of highly concentrated detergent. Of those calls, nearly half of them were referred to a health care facility for evaluation and treatment, which was significantly more than calls related to exposures to traditional laundry detergent (17 percent), traditional dishwasher detergent (4 percent), or dishwasher detergent pods (5 percent).

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