In Massachusetts, Proposed Medicaid Cuts Put Kids' Health Care At Risk

The U.S Senate's plan to replace Obamacare would cut funding for Medicaid and other health insurance subsidies by more than $1 billion a year within five years. That has many lawmakers, doctors, hospitals and patients across Massachusetts in a state of alarm.

"Where in this bill is the protection for children," asks Dr. Jonathan Davis, the chief of newborn medicine at Tufts Medical Center, as he stands in the hospital's NICU among babies who weigh as little as 1 pound. Roughly 60 percent of babies in the Tufts NICU are covered by Medicaid.

Davis pauses in front of an incubator that holds a tiny girl, just a few days old, who weighs 2.5 pounds. Her little lungs pump several times a second.

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