How to Avoid Holiday Meltdowns

While most adults know how to verbalize and communicate feelings of stress, many children don’t. Instead of running to parents for help when feeling overwhelmed, for example, they tend to throw a frustration-induced tantrum…right in the middle of that family dinner.

Teaching kids how to manage and cope with their feelings of frustration can reduce episodes of tantrums while empowering kids to understand and communicate their emotional needs. Try a few of these strategies to reduce frustration and increase happiness this holiday season:

Get back to basics.
Balance is the key to reducing family stress when life gets busy. You don’t have to attend every party or partake in every holiday ritual that brought you happiness as a child. The truth is that all families are different, and all families need to find the balance that works for their individual needs. Be sure to ask yourself these questions during busy days to stay on top of your family’s basic needs:

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