How do I obtain a Medicaid Waiver?

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1)    In a nutshell, waivers allow medical services that are typically not covered through the state Medicaid plan to be covered. Services covered by Medicaid waivers vary by state, but there is virtually no limit to the services that can be sought through the program. Obtaining a waiver takes some time and a few steps but can increase your child’s well-being.

a. You must be enrolled in your state’s Medicaid program. Click here to learn more about Medicaid (and other programs in your state).

b. You must meet certain eligibility requirements; specifically you must qualify medically and meet income guidelines.

c. You must obtain a waiver application through your state Medicaid office (find it here, or use the number listed on the back of your Medicaid card). Many state websites have downloadable forms.

d. Complete the waiver application, and provide information about the home and community-based services in which are you interested. The form should also have instructions on where and how to submit it.

e. Make sure to follow up on your application. Eventually your state Medicaid office will work with you to schedule an interview with an evaluator (though you can contact them to schedule an interview once your application has been submitted). The evaluator will determine your eligibility for home-based services – they may approve you or add your name to a waiting list.

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