Happy Doctor's Day!

We’re especially grateful for the brilliant and selfless doctors working every day at the children’s hospitals across the nation. In recognition of Doctor’s Day, our Speak Now for Kids families shared their thank-you messages to their talented doctors.

  • My #KidsDocRocks because Dr. Michael Gallant (AKA Uncle Michael) at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital has been Marina's plastic surgeon since birth and has participated in every procedure she has had. Marina loves, trusts and admires him tremendously. He's like family to us and an inspiration to her to follow his path as a pediatric plastic surgeon. -Nikki Marasco
  • My #KidsDocRocks because Dr. Joseph Cava cares about my son and his well-being so much, not just his heart-related care. Gabe knows that Dr. Joe takes care of worrying about things. Gabe loves him and truly enjoys going to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to see him and other providers. -Gabe's family
  • My #KidsDocRocks because Dr. Mark Volk from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia went above and beyond to prioritize Nova's safety and keep her out of surgery. He called us on the weekends to manage her care and check on her status. -Nova's family
  • Thanks Dr. Surbhi Saini, pediatric hematologist-oncologist, and Dr. Kristine Fortuna, pediatric orthopedists, Penn State Children's Hospital -Ashlee Homer
  • My #KidsDocRocks because Dr. Luis Quinonez has saved Noah's life twice. Dr. Quinonez is very delicate, humble and compassionate. He's able to relay very complex medical information to us in a way we can understand. -Kristina Asselin
  • Dr. Thomas Spray, cardiac surgeon, and Dr. Matthew J. O'Conner, cardiologist, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia -Kelly Blumenthal
  • My #KidsDocRocks because Dr. Martin Diamond from Children's Hospital Specialized would speak directly to my son, Christian. He was interested in hearing directly from Christian about what was going on in his life. He empowered Christian to have a voice in his care and treatment plan. -Nancy Panarese
  • A big thank you to Dr. Violette Recinos, neurosurgeon, and Dr. James Strainic, cardiologist, at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital -Darlene Spreitzer
  • My #KidsDocRocks because Dr. Candida Brown and NP Dawn Saborit at Diablo Valley Child Neurology (part of Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford) accurately diagnosed my daughter. -Clair Hazlett
  • My #KidsDocRocks because Dr. Andrew Grossman at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia led us through a maze of care that has lead Grant to remission. The first time Grant met Dr. Grossman, Grant said, "He talks to me like a person, not a child." He made Grant feel like he was a participant in his care, not being dictated to. That was so important for Grant because it was at a time when things were so uncertain. He was sick and all he wanted was to get back to normal. -Grant's mom

You’ve heard how important pediatricians are to our Speak Now for Kids community. Why not tell Congress how important it is to support the Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) to make sure the next generation of pediatricians are trained?

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