Going for Gold

Great gymnasts have a fierce determination to improve their skills, but Aspen is unstoppable. After a lawnmower accident at her grandparents’ house left her without a right foot, Aspen endured four surgeries and months of recovery. But she always had her eye on the prize: returning to gymnastics.

Aspen received much of her care and treatment at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. She was under the care of the hospital’s chief of staff emeritus, Tony Herring, M.D., and a full team of child life specialists, physical therapists and prosthetists. “When she went back to gymnastics, she went straight to the balance beam,” Aspen’s mother, Mary, says. “If I could go back and change things now, I wouldn't. She has been an inspiration to me, her family and everyone around her without even trying.”

“I had an accident, but I can do anything anyone else can do,” Aspen says. Her next goal is to get a prosthesis with blades that allows her to bounce more and to compete in the Olympics someday.

“A year out from her surgeries, Aspen is now running, playing and back to her gymnastics. I think she has a great future ahead,” Herring says.

Photo: Sarah Lassen
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children; Dallas

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