Family Advocacy Day Hero -- Meet William K.

WilliamK.jpgWilliam Ri Jin K., Age: 4
Hometown: Houston, TX
Hospital: Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX

William was born and left in the emergency room at the local hospital in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China, at just a day old. Not only was Will left weak and emaciated, he was also born with achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism that will likely require a number of surgical procedures throughout his life. In addition to orthopedic surgeries, Will has already faced — and successfully emerged from — surgery to remedy his hearing and significantly reduce his obstructive sleep apnea. He receives treatment by orthopedic and genetic specialists at Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children in Delaware and a variety of pediatric specialists in his new hometown at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. 

In just one year, Will has grown physically, intellectually and emotionally. His parents, Bill Klein & Jennifer Arnold, couldn’t be more proud of his progress or more thankful to those who have helped along the way. The world that was once inaccessible is now a canvas on which he is able to paint his future.

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