Family Advocacy Day Hero -- Meet Kara S.

Kara S., Age 15  KaraS.jpg
Hometown: Berkeley Heights, NJ
Hospital: Children’s Specialized Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ

Born by emergency Caesarian section after it was discovered that her fetal heart rate dropped, Kara suffered an 80 percent blood loss and wasn't expected to survive. Due to the loss of oxygen, she suffered immediate onset of seizures at birth, had kidney failure and was diagnosed with failure to thrive. 

Her condition fluctuated day to day as Kara underwent reflux surgery and a gastrostomy tube was inserted. At 2 months old, she was stable enough to go home, but not without a long, uncertain road ahead. Due to Kara’s condition, she required immediate admittance to the inpatient day program at Children’s Specialized Hospital. There she received intense daily therapy with a team of professionals who worked with Kara and assisted her family as they learned how to care for her.

Today, Kara attends school full-time for children with special needs. She loves the company of her sister, Allison, and moments snuggling with her puppy. Although diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy, Kara enjoys every day of her life thanks to the support she and her family receive from the expert staff at Children’s Specialized Hospital.

Fact: The two million sickest children on Medicaid account for only six percent of enrollees but 40 percent of costs.

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