Family Advocacy Day Hero -- Meet Bryce W.

Bryce W., Age 9 BryceW.jpg
Hometown: Brooklandville, MD
Hospital: Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, Baltimore MD

Bryce, born prematurely at 24 weeks gestation, has cerebral palsy and has been in physical, occupational, and speech therapy since age 1. Bryce also has had several series of Botox injections and serial castings to help improve his flexibility and range of motion. Last summer, Bryce spent two weeks at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital where he received exceptional rehabilitation care after having a cord lengthening procedure on both of his legs.

Against all odds, Bryce has thrived. The youngest of three children, he is currently in third grade and enjoys school. His spirit is intact and he brings great joy to his family. He is an excellent example of perseverance.

Fact: Approximately two-thirds of all children with medical complexity are covered by Medicaid.

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