Education, Health, And Behavioral Health: New Policy Priorities For Their Integration Emerge For 2017

In late August 2016, we reported on an initiative by the National Collaborative on Education and Health and Mental Health America (MHA), with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF), aimed at promoting mental health in schools, child care, and early education. (Child care and early education are collectively referred to as ECE.)

In our Health Affairs blog post, New Initiative Explores The Intersection Of Education And Mental Health, we described what happened when experts came together to learn more about the opportunities available in prevention and early intervention in behavioral health conditions. They identified why certain programs worked and committed themselves to developing some policy recommendations that promote education and mental health services integration. We received a lot of interest in the work (see note 10 here) and feedback on the blog post, and we promised an update as soon as we were done.

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