Editorial: Don't take children's health for granted

Five years ago Delaware Valley School District offered a vaccination clinic to help make sure the 435 kids who did not have all their shots got them before school started.

Five years later such clinics seem more advisable than ever. The Pennsylvania Department of Health shows that pertussis, also known as whooping cough, has made a comeback across the commonwealth, including in Monroe and Pike counties. If you care about your child, have him or her vaccinated.

Sadly — mistakenly — a rising number of people aren't having their children vaccinated. Some cite religious reasons, but most base this awful decision on a misguided fear that vaccinations cause autism or other problems. Such risks have long been discredited, but the anti-vaccination trend is now entrenched, and has steadily reduced "herd immunity," the protective effect that populations with thorough vaccination rates enjoyed for so many years.

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