Don’t Let the August Heat Get You Down

The arrival of August makes people start thinking about the end of summer. Many families start preparing for their children to return to school, and fall sports teams start getting serious about training. Although summer is ending, August is usually a hot, muggy month. The average temperature is 85 degrees and the humidity is typically high. This means that the conditions are just right for your children to become overheated or dehydrated. Parents need to consider this as they send their kids out to play and to practice sports.

When the body becomes hot after being in warm weather, it needs to find a way to cool itself. As the body heats up, the brain sends a signal to start sweating. When that moisture evaporates from the skin, the body cools off. At the same time, though, when people sweat, they lose fluids and are at risk of becoming dehydrated. Even worse, if it is very humid outside, it is harder for a person to sweat and easier to become overheated.

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