Don’t be fooled by the term, a “Lame Duck Congress” may see action

us-congress.jpgNow that Election Day has past, the term “lame duck” has been thrown around by pundits trying to describe what happens on Capitol Hill during this post-election period. At first look, “lame duck” would have you believe that nothing happens in the days between the election and when Congress officially ends. However, this is not the case at all.

“Lame duck” is the term used for when Congress goes back into session right after a mid-term election, yet before the newly elected members begin their terms. These sessions don’t happen very often, there have only been 18 since 1935, but the main objective is to wrap up as much time-sensitive, unfinished business as possible. If Congress is back in session for a short period of time, heath care for children should be as, if not more, important than an internet sale tax measure.

As mentioned during a recent congressional hearing, part of this year’s lame duck could include a vote regarding a funding extension for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Since this is a special session focused on wrapping up pressing business, your voice as a constituent is extremely important. Our Senators, especially those on the Senate Committee on Finance, need to hear from their constituents about how important it is to extend funding for CHIP. This can be as simple as:

Be a hero for children’s health care: be sure to make some noise and take action today!


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