Day Care Infections May Mean Fewer Sick Days Later

All three of my children started out in day care as infants, and the day care center was, in so many ways, at the center of our lives for years. The teachers taught us most of what we knew about young children (including, I am sorry to say, the difference between well-meaning parents and truly talented professionals). The day care cohort provided my children with their close friends (who keep turning up in their high school and college classes). We even bought our house so we could live near the day care center.

But yes, there were the infections. The worst battles my husband and I had were fought when a small child had to stay home with fever or diarrhea, and we had the eternally nasty whose-work-day-is-more-important-mine-or-yours-and-just-what-makes-you-think-so discussion. On the other hand, as our children got a little bigger, the infections essentially vanished — they had nearly perfect attendance records by the time they got to kindergarten and beyond.

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