Children Of Same-Sex Parents Are Just As Healthy As Those With Opposite-Sex Parents

Despite the cries of outrage from conservatives, same-sex parents are just as capable of raising healthy, well-adjusted children as their opposite-sex peers, according to a study published this month in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. That may not be news to most of the world — Slate has identified at least 73 peer-reviewed articles that debunk the idea that gay parents somehow harm their children — but the findings from the latest same-sex parenting study are important for another reason. The study offers the first apples-to-apples of a group that represents the whole population. In short, it’s almost the perfect counterargument to those who say that same-sex parenting is bad for kids.

The primary reasoning behind opposing earlier research in support of same-sex parenting was that the studies were skewed. According to ThinkProgress, critics argued that, because researchers had to advertise for participants, the participants were self-selected. Some argued that methodology led to biased samples.

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