Child Psychiatrists: If Kids Are Feeling Anxious After Election, How To Help

Elections are, above all, political moments, but each one offers parenting moments as well. That's certainly the case with this one. One Boston-area mother told me Wednesday morning: "My son has been very worried about Donald Trump, who he calls 'the bully.' I've been telling him not to worry. The bully wouldn't win."

What could she tell him now? For about half the country, Trump's victory was cause for celebration, but for many in the other half, it was a source of shock and trepidation — including for many young people, to the point that Boston school administrators offered post-election counseling and support.

Dr. Gene Beresin, director of the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital, says a colleague texted him that her 5-year-old daughter "woke up petrified" Wednesday because she was convinced — apparently by kids at school — that Trump would make her leave the country because she has brown skin.

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